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Creepypasta Gods #9: Rufus Edominus Dedan by Tsnophaljakarax Creepypasta Gods #9: Rufus Edominus Dedan :icontsnophaljakarax:Tsnophaljakarax 9 12 Creepypasta Gods #8: Lord Thanot Reiss by Tsnophaljakarax Creepypasta Gods #8: Lord Thanot Reiss :icontsnophaljakarax:Tsnophaljakarax 10 0 Creepypasta Gods #7: Sea-Ra by Tsnophaljakarax Creepypasta Gods #7: Sea-Ra :icontsnophaljakarax:Tsnophaljakarax 9 3 Creepypasta Gods #6: The Lady in White by Tsnophaljakarax Creepypasta Gods #6: The Lady in White :icontsnophaljakarax:Tsnophaljakarax 9 9 Creepypasta Gods #5: Samael by Tsnophaljakarax Creepypasta Gods #5: Samael :icontsnophaljakarax:Tsnophaljakarax 17 8 Creepypasta Gods #4: Baeloth by Tsnophaljakarax Creepypasta Gods #4: Baeloth :icontsnophaljakarax:Tsnophaljakarax 8 8 Creepypasta Gods #3: Cai Jaan by Tsnophaljakarax Creepypasta Gods #3: Cai Jaan :icontsnophaljakarax:Tsnophaljakarax 9 9 Creepypasta Gods #2: Mesogog by Tsnophaljakarax Creepypasta Gods #2: Mesogog :icontsnophaljakarax:Tsnophaljakarax 7 5 Creepypasta Gods #1: Guardian Reiss by Tsnophaljakarax Creepypasta Gods #1: Guardian Reiss :icontsnophaljakarax:Tsnophaljakarax 13 8 Sevenmouth Soldier Variants by Tsnophaljakarax Sevenmouth Soldier Variants :icontsnophaljakarax:Tsnophaljakarax 9 1
Cuphead Boss theories
SO...I kinda started liking Cuphead a little^^;
I just really like the artstyle and the effort put into the animation and the consistency of making the whole thing look like a 1930's cartoon. It's just really charming.
I also really like the simplicity of the story and the subject matter.
Like, the storyline's dark, but it's appropriately dark. It's not overplayed and it fits well with the tone of many earlier cartoons that would have actually featured the Devil as an antagonist (as opposed to the overly PC cartoons of today :/)
So as a little tribute to this fun (yet HARD AS BALLS) game, I decided to come up with a few little theories as to why each boss in Cuphead owes their souls to the Devil, since that was never really explained in the game. It can be assumed a lot of the bosses are based on old cartoon villains, but some also look more like the good guys or just simple background characters.
It's all very varied, so it was quite fun to come up with each boss' reason for selling t
:icontsnophaljakarax:Tsnophaljakarax 3 0
Merry Christmas by Madame Musicmouth (PIN-UP) by Tsnophaljakarax Merry Christmas by Madame Musicmouth (PIN-UP) :icontsnophaljakarax:Tsnophaljakarax 9 17 Ticci-Toby Storyboard##5 by Tsnophaljakarax Ticci-Toby Storyboard##5 :icontsnophaljakarax:Tsnophaljakarax 6 0 Ticci-Toby Storyboard#4 by Tsnophaljakarax Ticci-Toby Storyboard#4 :icontsnophaljakarax:Tsnophaljakarax 5 4 Ticci-Toby Storyboard#3 by Tsnophaljakarax Ticci-Toby Storyboard#3 :icontsnophaljakarax:Tsnophaljakarax 6 0 Ticci-Toby Storyboard#2 by Tsnophaljakarax Ticci-Toby Storyboard#2 :icontsnophaljakarax:Tsnophaljakarax 9 0


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Mature content
.:Pink for night:. :iconthenight-guardian:TheNight-Guardian 11 28
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Creepypasta Gods #9: Rufus Edominus Dedan
Despite Lord Thanot being the God of Death, he himself does not reap the souls of the living but maintains order in the Underworld. His servants are the Reapers, a race of spirit-harnessing entities whose purpose is to claim and recycle the souls of the dead. The Reapers can be seen as minor deities, as each one is responsible for taking the souls that relate to a certain means of death, such as Zharka who takes the souls who died in battle, or Warlock who takes the souls who have been used as sacrifice.

But the most prevalent of these Reapers is Rufus Edominus Dedan, who has more than one case of his existence among mortal men.

Rufus is the a reaper who takes the souls who have died from self-infliction (i.e, suicide).
He lives a miserable existence amongst humankind and the various reasons as to to why they tarnish the given gift of life. All the conflicted misery and depression  among Rufus's "clients" had driven him insane and hateful to humans. He steps out of line as much as he can to make his job more worth while as he tries to induce various ways for making his "clients'" deaths more 'fun' for him. 
Though his mood and feelings towards humankind tends to change with each of his reincarnations of different forms and bodies, it still all stems from a feeling of contempt for mortals.

As said before, Rufus Dedan is a shapeshifter, though he carries the recurring motif of the colour red.
He has many forms in which he torments his "clients" who have considered the possibility of suicide. The most know one is the Red Mist, a sentient red aura that distorts certain memories and nostalgic connections to a certain mortal, whether it be childhood memories, old video games, movies and even cartoons that served as the only point of happiness to said mortal.
Perhaps his most terrifying and intimidating form is his Zenithian form, taking the form of an ancient, now extinct insectoid-reptilian-esque beast from the planet/dimension of Zenith, which seems to be a recurring trait for the more powerful of the Reapers. Though Rufus stands out among others as he's also able to take the bodies of deceased "clients" to serve as his mortal vessel when he visits Earth.

But despite his power and intimidating and cruel nature, Rufus is incredibly confined and restricted by his position, and is not allowed to directly cause harm or death among mortals, though this has not stopped him for trying to find ways around it.

(Rufus Dedan belongs to me, expanded on the original concept by :iconcosbydaf:
Creepypasta Gods #1: Guardian Reiss
Guardian Reiss (simply known as The Night Guardian, or Guardian of Darkness) is the dark parallel of Acacius, the Guardian of Light.
Guardian is the daughter of Thanot, birthed by a human mother.
Though her demonic form is only seen within occult books and holy scrolls, it is said that she takes on a human appearance of a beautiful fair-haired woman when she visits Earth, and it is said that she resides within Pathos (Also known as the Ninth Level of Hell, or the Realm of Treachery)
Despite being a half-breed, she sees herself in God status due to her immense powers that span from transformations and summoning on earthly shadow beings to do her bidding.
She is the physical embodiment of treachery, but in many situations her human side gets in the way of her pure demonic power.

She enjoys torture and deception as he main form of pleasure, but can also be very knowledgeable about the Realm of Demons, both old and new, from what she has learnt from her father and her older sister, Luna. 
However, despite being perhaps the more "human" out of the other Gods, as well as perhaps the youngest, she is not to be trusted, as her emotions can switch to the complete polar opposite within moments, and her lies and deceit make her an uncertain source of information.
The only chance any one may have is bargaining with her, and attempting to reach her human side, or (in the case of her being in a state of pure blood lust) convince her that killing you is not worth her time.

Because of her overwhelming beauty and sexual whims, she has seduced many unfortunate human men, and after mating with them, hadgiven birth to a multitude of lesser demon spawn from many humans throughout the course of centuries, all sharing traits to both the Succubus and Incubus.

She is said to be the Guardian of the Ninth and Final level of Hell, in which resides the Glass Palace, the stronghold/prison for banished and corrupted Gods, much like herself.
It is only her human side that allows her to travel to Earth and interact with humans, but this also makes her extremely dangerous, and a force not to be trifled with.

(This character belongs to :iconthenight-guardian:
Creepypasta Gods #8: Lord Thanot Reiss
Thanot (also spelt Thanat) is essentially the Grim Reaper, though also known by many cultists as "The Old Man".
He is the God of Death, and one of the first taught humans by the Elder Gods to assume the role of a deity as a form of punishment.

In his mortal life, Thanot Reiss was soldier, but was feared and loathed for his cruel and brutal ways, as he sought the blood of men and lusted after women. For his cruelty to his fellow man, the Elder Gods made him immortal and gave him the duty of sorting the souls of the dead, hoping the long gruelling centuries of tending to dead souls would drive him to the brink of insanity, but instead he relished even more in his cruelty when the last of the Elder Gods died out.

Mesogog may be cruel towards humans, but he only does what he believes will maintain balance on Earth, and Samael is more like a single-minded monster with no sentient thought other than to infect others with misfortune.
Lord Thanot on the other hand differs greatly as he is truly a evil, sadist entity, able to manipulate matter, control the souls of the deceased and teleport unfortunate victims into the very pits of Tartarus to torture them for his own amusement.

Despite his appearance as a frail old man, he holds himself with a sense of pride and authority, despite many depictions of him in certain occult writings as him being second-in-command only to Lord Zalgo (though there have been a few instances of him trying to betray him, and even led an uprising of an undead army onto him, only to end in defeat)
His demonic ways were passed on to his three (known) children; Sfen, Luna and Guardian, all with lesser forms of his powers, though it is clear that Thanot favours Guardian the most among his children.

(Lord Thanot belongs to :iconthenight-guardian: )
Creepypasta Gods #7: Sea-Ra
Sea-Ra (also known as Dagon) is a colossal, incomprehensible monstrosity; the largest and most ancient of all the Earth gods, said to have been birthed from a sour tear shed by The Grand Ophanim S'loi-Aark when his cyclopean children became extinct. The pure anguish fuelled the destructive nature of Sea-Ra, who rose from the depths and flooded the enitre world in order for it to begin anew.

The sea god has been given many names such as The Walking Tempest and The King of Terror.
But despite this entity's sheer size and cataclysmic destructive power, Sea-Ra is not a sentient being. His intelligence is no higher than that of an animal's.
Because of this mindset, Sea-Ra cannot be reasoned with. He is the literal embodiment of Earth's destructive force upon humanity, and both land and sea.
From this fearful reputation, Sea-Ra has been worshipped my many cults spanning the globe, both with humans and creatures that dwell within the ocean's depths.

(Sea-Ra is my character.
Based off of an RP with :iconthenight-guardian:
Ugh....let's get this over with.
At least this'll give me a bit of a break from my other projects XD

My OC: Clarisse Delacroix (AKA Madame Musicmouth)

Clarrise Delacroix   Cp  Full Body   Outfit1 By Ei by Tsnophaljakarax

Fact 1) Clarisse's character is heavily based off of the infamous cult leader Jim Jones, who uses charm, good looks and pro-socialist ideals to create an ultimately dangerous cult.

Fact 2) Clarisse's physical appearance actually has quite a few inspirations, including Taylor Swift, Perrie Edwards from Little Mix, and French model, actress and singer Vanessa Paradis.

Fact 3) Her cult of Sevenmouth has quite a number of religious influences for not just for their beliefs, but also in the overall look and style of the cult's image. The most influential aspect of their style is Venetian Masquerade.

Fact 4) The Sevenmouth cultists believe that the first sentient beings to walk the Earth long before humans were gargantuan Cyclopses, with bronze skin, four powerful arms and the head similar to an elephant, with a golden-iris eye right in the centre of their forehead. They were the ones that built the first great ancient cities of Earth, as well as the giant golden wheel that houses S'loi-Aark, an important religious figure in Sevenmouth lore. The cities were said to be designed and inhabited by cosmic visitors that descended from gates opened by S'loi-Aark and shared the Earth with the Cyclopean race. These heavenly creatures are said to be made bright golden skin, had a five-pointed star crown, five faces and five wings, and were simply known in the occult books as "The Alien Beings", who later called themselves "Cherubs"

Fact 5) Clarisse used to be a Youtuber, but during the time of her aunt Abigail Delacroix's hospitalisation, her videos took a darker, more cynical tone and she disappeared for an entire year. Though it's a complete mystery as to where she had gone to, she apparently returned with all of the original religious scriptures that her aunt taught her about long ago, when she was much younger.

Fact 6) The Delacroix family seemed to have made a traditional rite of passage for certain family members to obtain the sacred texts and scroll from an undisclosed location. This rite will determine who will be the next leader of Sevenmouth.

Fact 7) Though Clarisse is a bit of a flirtatious party-animal, she still treats her position very seriously, and knows what tasks she must perform as the leader of the organisation. Despite having armed guards and an iron-fisted approach to certain oppositions, Clarisse strongly believes that what she and her group are doing is for the greater good of Mankind.

Fact 8) Delacroix means "of the cross" in French.

My Tags: (sorry guys ^^;)

Guardian: :iconthenight-guardian:

Savage: :iconnallelyarts:

Vanity: :iconprettynpinkgirl:

Silent Siren: :iconaddictartistandia:

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