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Ticci-Toby by Tsnophaljakarax Ticci-Toby :icontsnophaljakarax:Tsnophaljakarax 5 7 Toby Erin Rogers by Tsnophaljakarax Toby Erin Rogers :icontsnophaljakarax:Tsnophaljakarax 3 0 Mask and Axes by Tsnophaljakarax Mask and Axes :icontsnophaljakarax:Tsnophaljakarax 3 0 Hunting Season by Tsnophaljakarax Hunting Season :icontsnophaljakarax:Tsnophaljakarax 3 1 Like Father, Like Son by Tsnophaljakarax Like Father, Like Son :icontsnophaljakarax:Tsnophaljakarax 2 1
Eat! (creepypasta)
I'm writing this out in hopes that whoever reads this will figure out the truth, and that I'm not crazy.
I know it's a long shot, but I need to explain myself.
I don't care how many times I have to defend myself.
I'm not insane.
What I saw was real.
And what I did was all for my own safety, and the safety of my family.
I didn't want them to be killed.
But no one believed me.
They locked me away.
They called me a murderer.
They called me a cannibal.
It's horrible in here.
The smell of sterilising chemicals in my cell and the constant talks with doctors who think they can help me.
But they never listen.
They never understand.
No matter how many times I explain it all to them.
They say I'm making it up.
They say I'm trying to hide my true feelings.
My true motives.
After a while, I just had to nod my head every session to whatever they said.
"Yes, I understand I'm insane", I would say.
"Yes, I understand what I did was wrong", I would say.
I knew what I did was wrong, but they'd ne
:icontsnophaljakarax:Tsnophaljakarax 7 5
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Don't Go Cow-Tipping (creepypasta)
If you're like me and you lived out in the middle of the sticks, when you were a kid going through the first degrading stages of puberty, then you'll come to know that there's literally nothing to do out there. 
When I first moved into that tiny little town in the middle of nowhere, I had squat to do.
The town didn't have any movie theatres, arcades, malls, not even any fast-food places (which to many other people would be considered virtually impossible).
All we had as the kiddie playground near school (which we were all too old to play in at the time) and an old pub on the outskirts of town (which we we too young to be in at the time).
There really wasn't many kids around either, and the ones that were around usually kept to themselves, or were giant assholes.
The ones I hung around with were the asshole types.
Manny, Des (short for Desmond) and Adam were the local bullies of the little town. Adam was thirteen and a short kid with jet black hair and the most despic
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So um...yeah, I'm really sorry that I keep disappearing a lot. At the moment I'm going through a bit of a rough time since I've taken a two-year break from college to gather myself back together, but I still am glad that I do still have so many followers on here, and I feel like I got to apologise for such a long wait for me to get back on requests and the such.

Speaking of which, I still need to finish my Arttrade for :iconjuringo: for their Clockwork picture, so I must say I'm so SO sorry for the wait, and I don't mind if you wish to hassle me about it XD (seriously, I can be pretty absent-minded sometimes ^^;)

I also owe :iconthenight-guardian: a whole bunch of artworks to do with our RP (mainly NSFWs >//w//<")

Also I'm planning a few future projects that I hope to get ready in..well, the future XD
One of which has been inspired by chatting with :iconaskthemcreepies: about a stop-motion animated short film about Ticci-Toby, and I'm currently search a whole bunch of charity shops to buy doll parts to make the characters from.

As well as the usual sketches and drawings (I finally found brush pens today, yay! :D) I also want to try out writing more creepypastas. I downloaded an audio notetaker app so it should make things a little easier to remember stories, and I got a little list of some working titles (and yes, I'm aware a few of them sound kinda dumb. If anyone has any suggestions for alternate titles, I'll be more than happy to hear them ^w^)

-The Chimes
-TITanic 2000
-Don't Go Cow-Tipping 
-Solid Dark
-The Haunting at Windor's Place
-It Came From The Sea One Day...
-The Feast In The Graveyard

(P.s. I'm also doing an arttrade for :iconnallelyarts: as well ^w^)

So there you have it for now.


Luke Furlong
Artist | Student
United Kingdom
Bit of a creepypasta fan, I guess. And i'm planning on making a film/web series.


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Thanks dude!!!! :D :D :D
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Tsnophaljakarax Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2017  Student
Hehe, thank you so much!! >///w///<

And sorry your Giggler picture is taking so long Q///A///Q
Loads of dumb stuff is happening irl, and I'm trying to get on top of all my requests >//.//<

(but thank you for the Birthday wishes anyway ^w^ :D
And it wasn't too bad ^^ Nan came down and we all had pizza :3)
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You're welcome, man! *w*

I'm sorry mine is taking so long too ;;
Highschool is terrible when I need free time x(
Take your time! It's perfectly fine! <3

(No problem! <3
Aww that's so nice QwQ)
Tsnophaljakarax Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2017  Student
Thanks, and it's fine too, take as much time as you can *w*
I understand school can be very stressful the first few days ^^;

but hey, at least Halloween is near ^w^

(also, I'm sorry if in our RP it was kinda like I was shipping Sav with Nathan ^^; I just thought they'd be cute together, but sorry if she already had a partner >//.//<")
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Happy Birthday Luke!
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You're welcome! :aww::aww::aww::aww:
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